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About My First Bike Productions

My First Bike Productions is a motion picture production company created after earning my graduate degree in new media. The name, logo, and philosophy behind MFB is an homage to a picture of me the day I was given my first bike.  Growing up in the days when the life of a kid was spent on a bike and not having my own was quite frustrating and lonely.  To ride I was always borrowing bikes which meant no one else was riding so I was often left to explore on my own. The day I received my black bmx Columbia with yellow tires and yellow hand grips signified what was to become my independence and ability to join my friends in our daily journeys through ours and all the surrounding neighborhoods. These were the days I discovered a world outside of what I could only see.  These were the days I found direction and meaning, just like the day I started my own company.  With that company I am now joining other groups of friends and going on other journeys in search of the motion picture stories we tell.